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Proactively Manage Burnout: Tailored Insights for Balancing Workload and Stress

Tjime predicts and helps manage burnout by assisting you in evaluating your workload and stress levels proactively. We've build the companion app you need on your phone to track your day in a caledar mixed todo list.

Tjime Calendar

How it works

Achieving harmony

Designed to help you sidestep burnout and maintain focus on what truly matters in achieving work/life harmony.

Reinvented calendar

With just a few taps, organize your day, track your tasks, and assess your well-being. Streamlined, sleek, and straightforward, Tjime makes managing your time as easy as a swipe and a tap.


Burnout predictions

Our sophisticated tool monitors your daily rhythms to provide timely insights, helping you maintain equilibrium and well-being. Stay ahead of stress and find your perfect balance, with guidance that's as thoughtful as it is seamless.


Calendar meets todo

Tjime effortlessly merges the functionality of a calendar with the organization of a to-do list, creating a unified system that simplifies your daily planning. This seamless integration allows you to view your schedule and tasks in one cohesive interface, enhancing clarity and efficiency. Whether it's meetings, deadlines, or personal reminders, everything is harmoniously organized in one place, enabling you to navigate your day with ease and precision. TimeCraft is more than just a tool; it's your daily planner reimagined, ensuring nothing gets overlooked as you balance the demands of work and life.


Tjime, your new intelligent companion in the art of time management. Seamlessly integrate your schedule, tasks, and wellness into one elegant experience. Each day ends with a moment of reflection — rate your day to ensure balance and prevent burnout. Ready to redefine your time?

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Experience a new way to navigate your day with Tjime.

Whether you're planning your week, coordinating with teams, or seeking a balanced lifestyle. Join us on this journey and redefine what it means to be productive—where managing time isn't just about keeping up, but thriving.